Rambling Raphy L.

October 9, 2008, 12:39 am
Filed under: This is Thesis

For my thesis, I’ll be exploring the topic of Dating and Sex.  Yah, how (un)original!  For my first illustration, I thought I would explore people’s insecurities.  Why?  Confidence.  You gotta learn how to stand on your own two feet before you ask someone to dance.  I’ve been chatting up with both males and females about their insecurities.   Before going into the research, I thought “Well, guys will want to have fast cars, hot chicks, and bigger d*ck (it rhymes with “chicks”).”  But after much surveying, I was wrong.  Men and women almost worry about the same aspects about their life.  The top three were appearances, acceptance, and careers.  Rarely did I get the response from a guy saying he wants a “hot chick” (which was only from one person).  Part of me wished my preconceive notions were true and would make my job illustrating easier.   Then again, what I’ve come with so far has brought me to a deeper direction.  Hmm, this year may turn out to be a good one.  Also, I’m not working alone. I’m working with Trixie Trouble.  She’s another talent illustrator.  Never heard of her?  You will…

As for the photo: I took that on my way home from the Street Fighter Tribute Book Launch at the Beguiling.  I like taking my camera with me to capture random moments.


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mo updatessss, prease!

Comment by michelle

Yeah but where’s the pigeon’s answers to the sex survey?

Comment by George

it left its answer on my shoulder…

Comment by Mr. Raphy L.

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