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Best of: My Lolo
October 2, 2008, 3:20 am
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Originally posted on: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 12:57PM

Melito Concha Salazar AKA Lolo 1918-2008

Yesterday morning, my mother woke me up and told me she’s leaving one of the house phones in my room.  I usually have only one phone in my room (that would be my cell phone since no one calls me through the house line anymore).  She said she got word that Lolo (grandpa in Tagalog) had gone under cardiac arrest.  Despite the grim news, she was in a rush to get to work.  I waited until I heard the door slam and went back to bed. Within 10 minutes, the phone rang and my cousin Mike was on the line.  He called out my name though I could still hear he was a bit unsure who was on the phone with him.  After I confirmed it was I on the line, he said, “Lolo passed away.”  There was a brief pause in which I broke the silence by saying “Thanks. I’ll tell my mom.”

I’m pretty grateful to have seen my Lolo this year.   When I went back to Philippines last month, we visited my grandparents at their home.  It wasn’t like the last time I saw him (which was roughly 5 years ago or more).  He lost most of his memory due to the Alzheimer.  Even though their room was filled with photos my family and me (some dating back when I was still in elementary school) he wasn’t able to recognize me.   In a way, I died before he did.  It was a relief that he still had his sense of humor. During our visit to their home, my Lola (grandma) showed us what they were going to leave us when they “left us”.  For me, I was being given Lolo’s triangle ring.  It’s a simple but classy ring. It’s golden with a triangle (hence, the Triangle Ring).  She told me to try it on.  It was a bit tight but I thought “It’s gonna be a while till I get to wear it anyways.”

After someone dies, people think about their last memory of them.  The last time I saw him was at my cousin Marco’s wedding.  I remembering throughout the wedding I could hear Lolo asking who was getting married.  My aunt told me he had asked that question at least three times during the wedding.  During the reception, we sat near each other with his nurse sandwiched between us.  We didn’t really talk.  When I tried to talk to him, he nodded and smiled. I felt like a complete stranger to him.  I guess what I want to say is I want to remember him the way I knew him.  When he made visits to Canada, we would watch the Price is Right together.  He would make up songs based on the products being showcased (“Deodorant is cheaper than the aspirin.”).  He use to laugh a lot and smile.  That’s how I’ll remember him.

This is a little comic strip I did retelling the story of my grand parents when they were “dating”.   I remember doing research on the story and my Lola said how Lolo was attracted to her cause of her legs.  I guess I know who I got that from. :S


Best of: I heART you
October 2, 2008, 3:11 am
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Originally posted on: Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 12:22AM

I *heART* You

I’ll admit, I’m not having the best weekend.  I’m sick again…I missed out on teaching my Children’s Arts and Crafts and I feel rotten about it.  Today, we were suppose to build robots and castles.  I guess that will have to wait next weekend.

This weekend leaves me to polish up some pieces for next week.  The Labyrinth is holding a show next month and I thought I should submit some work.  Dan, the owner, is having a bunch of artist design on old vinyl record sleeves.  I’m working on one and I may work on another.  It really depends if I have time considering I got a bunch of assignments to deal with and my spidey senses tell me more projects are to come.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  I rather be busy and bored.

Despite having a lot on my plate, I still make time to take a nice break here and there (like right now as I write this entry).  I look forward to Sundays.  It’s quiet in the house and I tend to get more done.  I like tuning in Canada’s Premier Jazz Station and listening to songs I never heard before.  I like it when they put on a vinyl and you can hear the pops in the song.  I dunno, I like little things like that.

I try to make time for other things like reading for pleasure.  I’m currently reading Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee.  It’s pretty good.  Lee touches on themes that remind me some of Adrian Tomine’s work.  However, it’s not restricted to Asian American lifestyle.  One passage caught my attention.  The protagonist talks about saying the phrase “I love you.”  He talks about the different meanings tied to those three words:

I never felt comfortable with the phrase, had a deep trouble with it, all the ways it was said.  You could say it in a celebratory sense.  For corroboration.  In gratitude.  To get a point across, to instill guilt in your lover, to defend yourself.  You said it after great deliberation, or when you felt reckless.  You said it when you meant it and sometimes when you didn’t.

It got me thinking of the phrase “I love you”.  I’ll admit, I have trouble saying it.  When someone says it to me, I tend to nod and say “cool”.  When I say it, it comes out like a fart.  I blurt it out and the other person looks shock like a deer in the head lights.  I guess everyone’s like that too.  To be honest, I never really like the sound of it.  I think it’s been over used that it sounds kinda boring and even unromantic.  I kinda like how the French say it, “je t’aime”.  In Tagalog (my native tongue that I don’t speak too well), you say it as “mahal kita”.  I find this confusing.  Let’s say “mahal” means love (while “kita” means you).  To say something is really expensive, you would say it as “mas mahal”.  However, you can translate it to literally mean “more love”.  So, to love someone you have to spend a lot money too?  And then there’s how to say “I love you” in Korea.  You would look into their eyes and say “sarang hae yo”.  I need to confess, I really like the way it sounds when I hear it.  I guess I like hearing “sarang”.  Something about it sounds kinda poetic.  When you say it, it’s like a nice wave.  It’s as if when you say it, the word travels in the air and into your lover’s ear.  It’s like a breeze.  Now reality.  I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to say it to someone and mean it.  I can go on about relationships about Asian couples who aren’t from the same country but that’s what Chang-Ree Lee and Adrian Tomine are there for.  I know one of my friends who taught me how to say “sarang hae yo” is gonna give me a talk and tell me to stop being pessimistic.  In the end, I’ll argue that’s how my glass looks and I’m being realistic.  So, how do you say “I love you” in your language?

Best Of: Raph-ti-Mus-Tron
October 2, 2008, 3:07 am
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Originally Posted: Monday, January 21, 2008 at 11:55PM


FINALLY! I finished it.  Proud, yes.  But I think I would’ve done a much better job if I had enough time.  I think it’s the colour scheme I choose.  It was based on clothes I wear.  I rushed on it since it’s due tomorrow and it’s kinda sloppy.  I think I should have taken my dad’s advice and worked on using illustration board as oppose to cardboard.  Then again, it’s the first time I did something like this. I can’t wait to work on another one.  So, tell me what you think guys and gals!

P.S. Sorry for the vulgar language.

Update: He is still missing… 😦

Welcome to My New Home!
October 2, 2008, 3:01 am
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This is my new home.  Many of my adoring fans (two people and my mom) know I use to post on SquareSpace.  But alas, I switched over to WordPress.  Don’t worry, I complied the best entries and have imported them to this very blog!  Think of it like those clip shows from Simpsons or Fresh Prince.  So, enjoy!  Let’s start on a good foot with this one:

Originally Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 10:06PM:

Raphy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year to you all! Let’s hope it’s a great one.  I’ll be honest, 2007 is my least favourite year so far.  It’s my Phantom Menace of all the years I’ve spent so far.  However, I did learn a few things.  So, I made a list on a scrap piece of newsprint. I also wrote a list for 2008.

Now, I have a strange feeling my friends are gonna print these lists and carry it with them and take them out of their pockets when I don’t follow what I listed and go “How ’bout this one, mister!”